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Our Origin

Dive deep into the heart of Thai tradition, and you'll find the essence of Chetawan Thai Therapeutic Massage. Our storied background in traditional Thai massage doesn't just span years or decades—it's rooted in millennia.

Anchored by techniques that trace back 2,500 years to the revered era of Buddha, our practice embraces not only the healing powers of massage but also the history and spirituality that intertwines with each stroke.

about chetawan thai massage
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Wat Po Legacy

The prestigious Wat Po school of massage in Thailand is not merely an institution—it's a beacon of excellence and authenticity. And it is at this esteemed establishment that our journey began.

By learning and teaching at Wat Po, we have imbibed a legacy, ensuring that each client receives a massage experience that's informed by centuries of knowledge and unparalleled expertise.

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Our Techniques Explained

Beyond the teachings of Wat Po, our expertise extends to the intricate nuances of the northern Thai Lanna style of massage. This unique approach is a dance of its own, including the artful technique of walking massage. Through the skilled use of thumbs, hands, elbows, knees, and feet, our therapists delve deep into the body's energy lines, manipulating them to alleviate muscle tensions and restore vitality.

At Chetawan, our massages are not mere transactions; they are personalized healing journeys. Recognizing the diversity of our clientele's needs, we tailor our sessions meticulously. Whether you seek the gentle embrace of relaxation or yearn for a more intense therapeutic touch, our hands mold to your preference, ensuring a bespoke experience each time.

Thai Massage - Stretching Shoulder and Arm

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