Balancing Mind And Body: The Mindful Approach Of Thai Massage

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balancing mind and body the mindful approach of thai massage

There are several ways Thai massage techniques differ from traditional massage techniques. One of these is how Thai massage balances the mind and body on and off the mat, helping clients practice mindfulness long after leaving our massage sanctuary. 

Integrating Thai massage into your life, even just a few times a year makes it easier to remain rooted in your body, present, and mindful in your daily life. That is something other massage techniques rarely accomplish.

3 Ways Thai Massage Inspires Mindfulness In Daily Life

Our regular clients are grateful for how Thai massage balances their minds and body. We often hear that while they’ve enjoyed traditional or deep tissue massages in the past, those seem more compartmentalized. You feel great while on the table and for a day or two, but then the massage fades into the past, and you hardly think about it again.

Thai massage is very different. From the unique techniques we use - including intentional, gentle manipulations of the body - to how we encourage you to take deep breaths and remain present during the massage - your body is physically engaged in the mind-body experience. This creates a muscle memory that companions you through daily life, encouraging mindfulness and body-based presence.

Here are three ways our Thai massages inspire greater balance and mindfulness long after you leave our sanctuary. 

You remember to breathe deeply

Humans tend to hold our breaths or take very shallow breaths when we’re stressed, working at a computer or spending time in front of screens, or when we allow our monkey minds too much time on their own. During your Thai massage, we interrupt this pattern.

By physically manipulating your body using stretching, rocking, rubbing, pulling, and pushing techniques as needed, you retain a state of relaxed awareness. From this place, we remind you to breathe deeply. Being more physically aware of your body while practicing deep breathing techniques reminds your body of its most healthy, balanced, and natural state. 

This is your body’s most natural state. Repeatedly returning to the breath during a one- or two-hour session awakens the body’s memory and kickstarts its innate preference for deep breaths that invite you into the present.

Cultivating body awareness

Have you ever driven a stretch of road, realizing you don’t remember getting from point A to point B? Or, do you get to work on your computer (or checking social media) only to find an hour has passed and it only seemed like five minutes? Those are two examples of not being in your body.

The more you spend time in your head and not anchored in your body, the more time you spend:

  • Breathing shallowly.
  • Worrying.
  • Not paying attention to body signals.
  • Remaining in unhealthy positions because you don’t notice discomfort.
  • Ignoring emotions that need release.
  • Remaining unaware of your needs.
  • Reacting rather than responding to others’ words or unplanned situations.

There are many proven benefits of cultivating body awareness, which automatically makes you more present in the moment. According to recent studies, people who spend more time in their heads than in their bodies, repressing physical sensations, are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem, less physical contact, and depression.

Being body aware (aka mindful) increases:

In a perfect world, people would schedule a Thai massage at least once per month. But even one or two Thai massages per year help the body calibrate and sink into a healthier and more mindful balance.

Increased flexibility and mobility by active stretching

One of the things that sets Thai massages apart from other traditional techniques is the way Thai massage practitioners stretch, pull, and manipulate your body. Because Thai massage is rooted in ancient Indian practices, including Yoga, these manipulations replicate Yoga postures.

When your body experiences the benefits of yoga postures, even gently and passively, it wants more. Don’t be surprised to find yourself mimicking those stretches and postures at home days, weeks, or even months after your massage. You may recreate some of the hip stretches in bed before you get up in the morning or do some more bending, reaching, or back arching while waiting for your coffee or tea to brew in the morning. Maybe you rotate your shoulders and neck in traffic or remember to take some stretch breaks throughout your screen-based workday.

These Yoga-inspired stretches and postures are a long-respected means of inspiring mindfulness and presence in daily life. They encourage spaciousness in the spine, lungs, and belly, which encourages deeper breathing. It’s all part of a beautiful, balanced cycle.

BONUS BENEFIT: Remember the wise words of your practitioners

There is a bonus benefit of mindfulness inspired by your Thai massage, and that is the wise words you’ll remember from your practitioner. As we notice tension and stiffness in your body, and while reminding you to breathe deeply, we’re very attuned to your body’s messages to us. 

At the end of your message, with your permission, we can share additional tips and tricks for continuing the benefits of your Thai massage at home. This may include:

  • Reminders to keep breathing and instructions for a variety of breathing techniques (Did you know that just five minutes of daily mindful breathing has measurable benefits?).
  • Recommendations about Thai massage tools you can use at home.
  • Reinforcement that self-care matters, you are worthy, and how even a single cup of tea can help you relax, unwind, and be more mindful (don’t forget to stretch a bit while it’s brewing!). 

Balancing Mind And Body With A Thai Massage At Chetawan’s Sanctuary

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of a Thai massage while also growing your ability to remain more mindful and body-aware in daily life? Visit the Cetawan Tha Massage Sanctuary. We’ll meet you at the intersection of life’s busyness and your well-being. Our mindful approach to Thai massage inspires you to take what you learn off of our massage mats and into your “real” life. Contact us to schedule your Thai massage. Your body is already grateful!